This agreement is a contractual agreement between the under/over signed and Aashreya Marketing Private Limited subject to code of ethics to terms and conditions over leaf.

1.      The associate confirm and under takes that he/she above age 18 years and its not disqualified from contracting any law.

2.      No Employee/Employer Relationship :- The Associate confirms that he/she/they has/have entered in this agreement as an independent contractor, no thing in this agreement shall establish either an employment relationship or any other labour relationship, parties or aright for associate as producer, broker, commercial agent, contracting representative or other representation of Aashreya Marketing Private Limited or its affiliate/ subsidiary company.

3.      Joining is free :- Joining as an Aashreya Marketing Private Limited associate is free of cost, company reserves the right at its sole direction to accept or refuse any application.

4.      Code activation :- After completion of purchasing 2000 BV associate code will be activated.

5.      Aashreya Marketing Private Limited, Business plan benefits are solely based on efforts, put in by the associate in building their Aashreya Marketing Private Limited business by buying and selling such benefits will be continue to be enjoyed till a associate show an active engagement.

6.      Cooling off period :- Newly joined associate shall have a cooling off period of 10 days to cancel the agreement and receive full refund the cost of purchase of produces with 30 days for currently marketable sold. For this act it will be mandatory recommendation of sponsor.

7.      The cost products is payable in favour of Aashreya Marketing Private Limited in the form of cash, cheque, demand draft either registered office or branch office or in company bank account. The company is only responsible for the payment which is paid to the company or authorized office of the company.

8.      Income :- It depends on sale and purchase of the products. For associate income is based on ID×3. Income just like associate ship incomes, star associate income, super star associate, gold associate, super gold associate, diamond associate incomes are not guaranteed, it becomes complete the target. All type of income is write down on income chart.

9.      Modification by the company :- The company will have right to make any amendment and the enact revised rule and regulations regarding plan and facilities as will its payout to the best interest of associate and the company. Whenever the change in any law, rules of local body, state or central government in future occurs the company shall be at liberally to change plan and its scheme entirely or partially without any prior information to associate. The associate shall abide by such medication and alternation.

10.   Termination :- The associates are supposed to follow the norms of the company failing to which they will be terminated and all types of benefits and facilities will be stopped.

The associate code will be terminated on the following issues

·        Application/Associate work in different lines with his/her name or behalf of relative name.

·        If the associate join any other company of the similar types of business.

·        If the associate found misguiding any other associate.

·        If he/she associate found fund cheating to direct business or associate.

·        If he/she misbehaves with any person of Aashreya Marketing Private Limited either in office and during meeting or seminar of the company.

Note: - i. On buying package B.V. will be 2000 and all benefit  will provided from system of income chart.

ii. B.V. will be 600 on  buying things of market then benefits will provided only ID X 3 taken all benefits of income chart will be compete B.V.2000 of buying things.

iii. Advance price for package is 2500 on B.V.2000 complete then all benefit will provided but buying package with time under one year.


I state that the terms and conditions given in this application have been read and explained to me in simple language, which I have been fully understood and after full satisfaction. I have decided to become associate of the company. I will be bound by the said terms and conditions as per described by Aashreya Marketing Private Limited, which comes into force from time to time.

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